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Writer's Block: Past the expiration date
What's in your refrigerator right now?

A cold dish of spaghetti, some of my roomie's junk food (pizza, cans of Dr. Pepper, noodles, etc. etc. ... the usual tasty college menu), and a dish of tabbouleh. Like... a BIG dish of tabbouleh.

I swear tabbouleh is like a drug to me-- can't get enough of that delicious shit. Good thing it's healthy!

Besides that, alas, the sad reality is that the fridge is pretty empty.

Benny Goodman helps me fight the blues
ginger you sexy bitch
So, I've realized lately that big band/swing music tends to curb my depressive moods. I feel stupid for not getting into this earlier, srsly.

This is far from an earth-shattering revelation (I'm sure people know that good music= positively helps mood), but sometimes obvious things can strike me as just freakin' amazing. It's a discovery that I'm thankful to have found, at least.

Plus, these guys were hardcore. Look at the guy playing the xylophone (he is god-like at 1:40 til 2:02)! Look at the drummer at 1:48! Holy crap, I don't think it's even healthy to drum that fast.

Count Basie. Lord, he's too awesome.


I'm normally not a romantic sort of person, but... "Stardust" is so dreamy. I can just see a bunch of stylishly-dressed people sipping drinks and flirting while this music plays in the background... circa 1938, in some night club filled with cigarette smoke.