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60s > 00s
hangin' out
Recently, I've been thinking of something positive to say about the noughties.

Since I had nothing nice to say about this clusterfuck excuse for a decade, I've decided to focus on another and entirely more badass decade-- the 60s!

The FIERCE levels radiating from these fashions are through the roof. Seriously, when did everyone become so boring?

Garage bands are probably my favorite part of that 60s (granted, garage bands' prime heyday was in the 70s-80s, but the garage band movement really started in the 60s). Most of these bands weren't very successful (if they were sort of lucky, they could maybe land a small label 45 and score some airplay with local channels), but I love them because of their style/rhythm. Here's a clip from Patti's Groove's "It Won't Last Long":

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