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School has been kicking my ass lately. So much to do, so little time. WHATEVER, MAYBE I'LL JUST GO BUM AROUND EUROPE AND WRITE POETRY 'N STUFF. YEAH.

Anyway, thank you mosellegreen for generously giving out Dreamwidth invite codes. I have no idea what I'm going to do with a Dreamwidth account, but I figured, why not? It might come in handy.

Went to the SFMOMA w/ my BF, just because we're a pair of pretentious farts (and students get discounts... and I need to go anyway for an art class I'm taking, heh). Honestly though, modern art gives me a headache-- but I thought the museum itself (especially the huge central skylight) was gorgeous. And the cafe sells "Mondrian" cakes. LOL... very clever SFMOMA, I c wat u did thar.

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I remember seeing photos of those cakes on the intertubes. Did they still have the Jeff Koons Michael Jackson hot chocolate as well? Because that was fucking fabulous.

No, I didn't see the legendary Koons' Michael Jackson white hot chocolate :( I know they had some Thiebaud cakes that made my dreams of eating artwork come true. :p

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